Along with the four P’s of marketing namely Price, Product, Promotion and Physical distribution, Packaging is termed the fifth one. It is said to play a very vital role in communication with the target customers. Its role is a lot more complex and significant when it comes to the pharma industry.


There is a popular saying that ‘Anything that crosses a limit, becomes a waste!’ This is equally applicable to medicines too. Even though it is a life-saving drug two things are to be kept in mind:

-When to take?

-How much to take?

Apart from the doctor, only the packaging can help us understand better. Almost all pharma companies design special types of packaging that help us separate individual dosages. This is called as ‘primary packaging’ by the pharmaceutical companies.

Primary packaging – packaging in direct contact with the drug
E.g., Blister packs for pills, while sachets and vials for powders and liquids.
In this way, we will be prevented from taking inappropriate dosages that can even endanger our lives.


The various chemicals or the natural ingredients in the case of ayurvedic products tend to change, for instance, their colour changes over some time. Hence ayurvedic and nutraceutical companies should undertake due care to preserve the composition of the medicines.

Moreover, if the medicines are allowed to react to external environmental factors like temperature changes, weather conditions, etc., their quality and potency will diminish. Desiccants can help a lot. Desiccants are substances that are used to keep products stable and dry. They absorb moisture from the air by physical adsorption or through a chemical reaction. E.g. Silica gel.

Packaging should ensure that the medicines are preserved till the effective life is reached – the expiry period.


The first and the foremost advertisement for any product is its packaging. Information regarding the ingredients, dosage, composition, warning, caution note, side effects etc is very critical. Lack of this vital information can also turn out to be lethal. Nowadays all drug manufacturers are attaching a QR code which once scanned leads us to a landing page or a product video, through a link. A detailed infographic user manual or a product usage video that shows how to use the product can be witnessed.

Moreover, an awareness of the various vitamins that are beneficial for our health can also be easily conveyed to the end consumers in a snapshot. Thanks to the capsule manufacturers who first pioneered this practice.

A few additional points that highlight the importance of packaging include:

-To distinguish a product from that of the competitor – Secondary packaging that caters for brand exposure.

E.g., The box which contains strips of ten pills each. Make sure that the packaging of the product is aligned to your brand identity and also encourages instant recall value.

-To facilitate easy shipment, transportation and distribution – Tertiary packaging
E.g., The carton boxes

-To prevent counterfeiting by using smart packaging solutions.

Packages with over wrappers or special locking mechanisms can serve as a secondary measure of security discouraging kids from opening them.

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