5 Signs A Person Is Having A Stroke

Stroke, also called brain attack occurs when the brain is unable to function properly, either due to lack of blood flow or due to the damaging of the blood cells. A brain stroke often proves to be fatal and can even cause paralysis if not taken proper care of in time.

Never hesitate to call a doctor if you think you or someone close to you is having a stroke. While we may never be able to predict the onset of a stroke, we can always ensure we try our best to prevent it. Some of the best Indian pharmaceutical companies have come out with various health supplements which can help you protect yourself from strokes.

Symptoms of stroke

1) Weakness in certain parts of the body – Sudden numbness or weakness in the leg, head, hand or any part of the body is considered to be a signal of stroke. In such scenarios the concerned person should be immediately admitted to the hospital. Numbness of body parts is a precursor of brain attack. Even if the patient is not detected with stroke yet suffering from numbness, he should not be neglected and should be taken to a nearby hospital immediately.

2) Trouble speaking – Having trouble speaking is another symptom of having stroke. Speaking indistinctly, speaking with a slur or having problem in understanding speech are few of the various signs of brain attack. These signs should not be neglected as mere speech impediments. Brain attacks, especially in elderly people can often prove to be fatal. So, do not neglect any of these symptoms.

3) Trouble seeing – Having visual problems are common nowadays, that too among the elderly mass of the society. But having eyesight related problems all of a sudden can be a symptom of stroke. Always double check by visiting any nearby clinic or to any ophthalmologist to ascertain the origin of the problem. Sudden problem in seeing with one or both eyes can often bear serious outcomes. In such situations the question of stroke cannot be totally cancelled. Thorough check-up along with proper medication is required in order to reduce the risk of stroke.

4) Trouble walking – This is a common precursor of brain stroke and should not be neglected at all. Other signs like dizziness, lack of coordination and loss of balance can also be considered as the sign of stroke. Patients with hypertension also have the tendencies of dizziness and loss of balance. Such patients are prone to strokes. Neglecting such signs can often lead to fatal outcomes.

5) Headache – This is quite common with patients suffering from sinus or migraine. However a sudden attack of severe headache can be a harbinger of some serious issue. Having a headache without any history is a prime symptom of stroke. Never be late to consult a doctor if you are having a headache coupled with dizziness for a long period of time. As the phrase goes – “prevention is better than cure”, it is better to take care of your body before getting affected by stroke. Regular exercise and consumption of leafy vegetables will help protect you from this serious issue. . Aries Drugs is one of the top contract manufacturing company that can provide quality nutraceutical products that are much better than the allopathic drugs. It is a pharma company in Rudrapur Uttarakhand which guarantees you with best medicines for stroke related problems in North-India.