7 Ways To Protect Your Children In These Tough Times

Since March 2020, India has had a rollercoaster of an experience with the pandemic. From a nationwide lockdown in the first wave to seeing an unfortunate rise of incidents in the second wave, the country has witnessed a massive loss in lives and livelihoods. As the second wave comes to a gradual decline and the fears of a third wave are not as strong as they once were, we at Aries wanted to give you a few safety guidelines as a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India as to how one can stay safe, and especially keep their children safe during this second wave.
1.Give your children the love and support they need to stay healthy – from a physical as well as mental point of view. Keep them occupied in physical activities as well as mental engagements in their daily schedule.

2.Do not let them indulge in unhealthy eating habits as they spend more time at home. Find that crucial balance between allowing your children to eat foods they like and the quantity of junk food they consume. Nutrition is of utmost importance in these times. Many pharmaceutical companies in India are now offering a variety of natural supplements that contribute essential nutrients for children as well as adults. Aries is also one of the leading nutraceutical manufacturers in India offering a range of natural mineral and vitamin supplements.
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3.In line with keeping your children occupied, try to keep going out to an absolute minimum. Children will, quite understandably, throw tantrums to go out. Do your best to handle these in the best manner and make the most of your time together at home.

4.If you do have to go outdoors, a mask is a must! Many experts are recommending double-masking if one is to go outdoors. Keep all the safety protocols in mind if you do have to venture out. Remember that it is not just your life but also the lives of your loved ones that you are putting at risk as you step out of your home.
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5.Being one of the most trusted third party manufacturing company in India, we understand the importance of disinfection and sanitisation. One’s house must be cleared regularly, along with disinfection of all surfaces and objects at home on a daily basis. Along with this, teach your child the importance of washing hands regularly. Try to inculcate this habit in your child irrespective of the pandemic – especially before meals.

6.Keep checking in with your child about their well-being. Talk to them about the current situation in a way you best know, but it is important for them to get an understanding of the scenario – along with the risks and dangers. Talk to them about the relevance of safety protocols and covid-19-appropriate behaviour.

7.Organise a medical emergency kit with all the necessary medications stocked up. Ensure you have the handy medicines for your family-specific issues as well.
Apart from these reasons, one big responsibility of ours is to get ourselves vaccinated. A vaccinated parent is significantly less likely to expose their children to the virus. In these challenging times, it is essential to maintain our family’s well-being and keep all the guidelines in mind. As we come together in responsible action, we will soon overcome this situation and be victorious together!