Easy Steps To Third Party Pharma Manufacturing

Outsourcing the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products can be highly beneficial to any pharmaceutical company. The best Indian pharmaceutical companies hire contract manufacturing pharmaceutical companies because it’s cost and time effective, improves efficiency, strengthens existing capabilities and helps companies focus on core areas. With over 15 years of experience Aries has successfully worked towards elevating the standards of Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing as a third party manufacturer to leading pharmaceutical companies.

If you’re starting a pharma company, the third party route helps you establish your business faster and in a cost effective manner. Here are the basic steps to employ third party pharma manufacturing companies:

  • List out your requirements.
    The first step is to compile a list of all the pharmaceutical products you need manufactured on a contractual basis. This will help you understand if your needs are compatible with third party manufacturers

  • Shortlist third party manufacturing companies
    Once you know your requirements, do a thorough research on the various third party manufacturers and shortlist the ones you find most suited to your company’s requirements. Look at the kind of products they specialise in and the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies they’ve worked with to get a better understanding of the manufacturers.
  • Get a quote
    Reach out to all the potential third party companies. Share your requirements, the quantity and ask for the costing. Be precise about your estimates to get an accurate quotation for your products.

  • your order
    Tally the different quotes you receive from the companies. Weigh the pros and cons, don’t just go by the pricing. It is necessary to choose one that will be able to fulfill your needs and meet your expectations. After making all the considerations, send out your final order to the company you chose to sign the contract with.
  • Packaging and design
    While partner companies also take care of packaging and designing some will require you to provide them. Either way your input will be required while finalising the artwork for the product package. Decide on the logo design, colour combination, package design and information. Remember to check your brand name on carton & foil, packing details, composition, manufacturing details, marketed by company name, address on carton & foil.

  • Documentation
    Remember to submit the required documents which usually include; drug license, company profile, identity proof of the directors, GST number, sales tax/TIN registration certificates, manufacturing agreement, and non-resemblance certificate.
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  • Delivery
    Once the documentation has been cleared, your products will be delivered to your preferred address within the stipulated time. Some companies dispatch it after the entire amount quoted is cleared, while some work on instalment payments. But usually most companies ask for an advance before the manufacturing process as a security and then the rest can be cleared before or after delivery If you’re starting a pharmaceutical company or looking to outsource for your company, Aries Drugs Private Limited, a third party manufacturing company in Uttarakhand stands as a pioneer in the field of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals production. With our efficiency, quality and timely service we have earned our credibility and trust with our clients.
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    We are always up to date, with modern technology, automated processes, state-of-the-art equipment, and periodically upgrade our facilities to ensure that national and international standards are upheld. We diligently follow the CGMP, DCGI (Drugs Controller General of India), and WHO norms to constantly deliver superior quality products to our clients.
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