Originating from Lucknow, and grounded in Uttarakhand, Aries drugs Pvt Ltd has evolved into one of the leading pharmaceutical companies. The main secret of this success was our undying urge to elevate the standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing in India.  Our company is currently involved in developing and marketing, accessible medications meeting a wide range of medical needs throughout the sub-continent. We are also a contract manufacturing company whom you can rely upon for all your pharma needs. Amidst all the other competitive players why should you resort to Aries? Let us take a look:

100% transparency:

This is the basis of our value system. Aries shares a strong set of principles that form the foundation of each of our business dealings. And transparency is the cornerstone. By transparency, we refer to being honest and open in all our communications to our partners. Each and every transaction is marked with trust between us and our partners. This is an important quality that makes us stand out from the rest of the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Industry-leading products:

We take strenuous efforts to understand our clients’ needs, the market, and our end-consumers. This enables us to develop best-in-class medical solutions across three important product categories. Ayurvedic products, pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical products and for almost all customer segments including children. Our efforts are constantly focused on customer satisfaction. This has pushed us to come up with leading and innovative solutions like the AROKID of nutraceuticals. We are deeply committed to meet the needs of our customers, and we constantly focus on customer satisfaction. We take a genuine interest in the welfare of our customers, both internal and external.

On-time delivery:

We are delighted to say that we shoulder15 years of experience as a pharma manufacturing company. Punctuality, by keeping up to the promised time, was our key deliverable. As of now, we have a very strong network of more than 30 happy partners. We are deeply committed to maintaining quality & innovation standards.  This has won us a trusted network of partnerships comprising leading organisations in the Indian medicine sector. With uncompromising timely delivery, we continue to spread our wings across not only Indian but also international markets.

State-of-art manufacturing facility and technology:

We house advanced manufacturing facilities, automated methods and state of the art equipment built on pioneering technology. We also make use of the best-in-class raw materials ensuring the quality of the end products.  Most importantly, we are proud to declare that we are approved by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and certified for good manufacturing practices. Apart from these we also strictly adhere to other stipulations formulated by the Government acts and regulations from time to time. Aries believes in responsible and innovative technology as a key to leading the market.

Competent Team:

Aries has a very strong and reliable team of dynamic experts. Their expertise ranges from overarching diverse sectors that enable us to render exceptional manufacturing services. We also extend expert assistance and support on the marketing and sales front, pan – India. Thus, we are all set to lead the pharma manufacturing sector with expertise, integrity, quality and efficacy.

Come partner with us to leverage cutting edge technology and manufacturing proficiency. Do not miss out on a lucrative opportunity!

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