In this pandemic, one of the most thriving sectors is the health care sector. New medicines, vaccines and drugs are underway to treat and cure the virus. Today, more importance is given to terms like ‘organic’ and ‘natural’. This has driven many of the best Indian pharmaceutical companies to create a revolution in the form of “Nutraceuticals”.


The term “Nutraceuticals” is derived by combining two words, ‘nutrition’ meaning nourishment and ‘pharmaceutical’ meaning, a medical drug. On a general note, they bracket all non-specific biological therapies to promote general well-being, control disease symptoms and prevent diseases.


Pharmaceutical products are primarily chemical formulations or salts of different minerals, electrolytes, etc. On the other hand, a nutraceutical manufacturer makes use of food or its components to provide a physiological benefit of preventing or treating a disease. For example, herbal products, dietary supplements and the like.

Nutraceuticals are quite different from pharmaceuticals in many ways. Let’s go-ahead to find out the difference.

Proactive Approach:

Pharmaceuticals follow the reactive approach. Whereas the nutraceuticals are proactive. A nutraceutical supplement might contain an amino acid or a vitamin, a mineral, or herbal extracts or it can be a combination of several other ingredients. Let’s consider a few examples like fish oil, green tea etc. These try to make our bodies stronger, naturally. They reinforce our immune system’s inherent capability to fight. Their overall aim is to mitigate the probability of the occurrence of many disorders or diseases and thus negate the dependency on medications.

A Holistic Focus:

Generic pharmaceutical companies produce products that cater to specific segments like cardiovascular disorders, renal disorders, and the like. On the other hand, nutraceutical products focus on the overall well-being of the body because as previously stated, their aim is to prevent the disease and not just cure it. Their focus is not only wide but also holistic. For e.g., a lemon essential oil that is extracted from lemongrass can be used by anyone to enjoy its multi-fold benefits like reducing anxiety, depression, relieving pains, feeling energised etc.

Sick Care To Health Care:

Nowadays, there is a major shift in the approach of the health care sector. The majority of drug manufacturers are moving towards health care rather than sick care. This is the basic reason why nutraceuticals are on the rise. Rather than treating sickness, they are trying to avoid sickness at the forefront. This is possible only when our body is made healthy. For instance, dietary fibre supplements help in improving gut health on the whole. By their regular intake, we will be able to prevent various indigestion issues like constipation, maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol levels. To put it in a nutshell, rather than trying to cure constipation, nutraceuticals improve the overall gut health and avoid such indigestion issues from cropping up.

Hence there is a complete transition from sick care to health care. This is how nutraceuticals take a different notch.

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