How Do Nutraceuticals Offer Better Immunity?

Nutraceuticals are products that work well for both medicinal and nutritional purposes. They are extracted from various elements like vitamins, minerals, dietary substances, etc. Today, nutraceutical products are numerous. From cereals to protein shakes, they have managed to become an important part of people’s healthy lifestyle.
While a nutraceutical manufacturer has an upper hand over the nutraceuticals, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company includes both, manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical products, due to which the availability of these products is never at stake.
This builds a sense of periodicity while giving rise to regular and loyal customers. Another reason for its rising demand is its multiple functioning. Nutraceuticals not only help people to enhance their health but are also a safe medium available at an affordable price.

Nutraceuticals and immunity

Nutraceuticals are best known for their health benefits. They help in preventing chronic illnesses and improve life expectancy. Often people fail to consume nutritious food for various reasons like veganism, digestion problems, and other health problems.
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During this situation, the nutraceutical products come to the rescue. Various third party pharma company have made it a point to provide people with required nutraceuticals with pharmaceuticals and ayurvedic products. Aries Drugs PVT.LTD. is one of the contract manufacturing pharmaceutical company.
One of the major roles of nutraceutical products is boosting immunity. Ingredients like amino acids, garlic, and echinacea in nutraceutical products are the best examples of immune health enhancements. Whereas, nutraceuticals like zinc and vitamin c also give rise to better immunity.


Zinc is an important element when it comes to healing injuries, improving immunity, and enriching growth. It helps to heal skin-related infections like acne and ulcer. Though zinc is available in foods such as nuts, meat, oysters, fish, etc., people with poor diets, vegetarians, alcoholics, and pregnant women have a higher risk of zinc deficiency.
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Both, lack of an efficient amount and the presence of an overly excessive amount of zinc in the body can give rise to severe problems, while a required amount of zinc helps to manage a healthy immune system by protecting people against pneumonia, common cold, alopecia, emotional disorder, etc. Zinc is also important for the adequate functioning of natural killer cells and neutrophils, which helps to keep the body safe and function naturally.


Vitamin C is an important requirement for the human body. It helps in the efficient growth of tissues and cells, by repairing the damaged tissues all over the body, which helps to keep the body fit and immune. Vitamin C is mainly present in white blood cells, which fight against foreign particles to maintain a strong immune system. It helps the epithelial barrier fight against pathogens and protects the body from the invasion of deadly diseases.
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Therefore, a required amount of vitamin c is extremely necessary for the body’s safe growth and effective functioning. Though vitamin c is acquired from natural foods like strawberry, potato, broccoli, guava, kiwi, tomato, papaya, etc., people with kidney-related problems, inadequate diet, smokers, and alcohol addicts have a high risk of its deficiency. Vitamin C is also necessary for the body’s antimicrobial activities.