Pharma Transformation

Insights on Digitisation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had catastrophic consequences across industries, economies, and societies at large. The pharmaceutical industry, including the best Indian pharmaceutical companies as well as drugs manufacturers in India have been impacted quite heavily as well.
An ever-increasing delay in routine treatments, drained budgets, as well as an inability to focus on non-COVID related diseases has had dampening effects on supply chains. Moreover, the industry in India was pushed towards digital transformation at a pace it was not ready for.

The top pharma companies as well as contract manufacturing pharmaceutical companies in India had to sprint when they were only jogging towards digitisation at best. Even though this evolution was happening at a steady pace, the external push towards dependence on digitisation did have blessings in disguise for the pharmaceutical companies in India – and not just the top ones.
As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Uttarakhand and India, we at Aries bring to you our insights and expertise on the scope of digital transformation in the pharma industry. What are some of the developments? What are some of the exciting opportunities? Read on to find out more!
Digital transformation in the pharma industry has a host of benefits to offer. It is going to take time for companies to adapt, adopt, as well as overcome the technologies – but the market is moving in the right direction.
A pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India can achieve a much higher degree of transparency through digitised processes. Improved patient interaction, enhanced drug development process, efficiency & cost-effectiveness, as well as heightened production capabilities – are some of the ways in which digital transformation can be an intelligent blessing. Moreover, demand forecasting and automated manufacturing can help pharma companies keep up with their demand in real time.

So what are some of the noteworthy innovations we can look forward to in the Indian pharmaceutical space?

1.Intelligent chatbots

Chatbots are increasingly becoming essential to operations for any company. Chatbots are vital in the pharmaceutical industry too as they allow the company to assist their customers at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. The company can instantly get all the information they need and offer their treatment accordingly. This not only helps with quick & efficient problem-solving with all the necessary information available easily, but also improves scheduling of operations. We at Aries Drugs Pvt. Ltd. also offer a convenient enquiry submission portal as well as the option to request an appointment. This makes it easier for our customers to reach out to us, while also making it easier to extend our offerings and expertise to them.

2.Decisions – driven by data

Data can drive businesses in the 21st century. From clinical trials and predictive modelling to collaborating with other players in industry, data and analytics can take a pharmaceutical business to the next level.
Another essential advantage of data in a digital world is the targeting opportunities that open up. A pharmaceutical company can develop specific products and offer targeted services smoothly while relying on key insights from data analytics.

3.Inventory management

Digital transformation can really help medicine manufacturing companies in India streamline their operations.. Not only does it help them understand which products are working better, but also makes the production process better too. Nutraceutical manufacturers will get a real-time understanding of their supply chain, allowing them to effectively manage their inventory – and thereby their demand, sales, and revenue.

The digital world can be more connected, more transparent, and more efficient – when the right tools are used to drive the right outcomes.

The pharmaceutical industry in India as well as the world has a lot to gain from digital transformation. It is now up to us to adopt these in the best possible ways.
Aries Drugs Pvt. Ltd. has always given innovation the driving seat in our success, and it is something we continue to do over the past decade. We combine futuristic technology with our experience & wisdom to offer you a world class range of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and ayurvedic products. Let’s achieve excellence in healthcare and technology together!