Spotting The Signs Of Having A Heart Attack.

The worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades. Heart Attacks are known to cause a lot of pain and deaths worldwide and comes in during stressful situations or sometimes even in our sleep. Some of the best Indian pharmaceutical companies are trying to find drugs to counter a heart attack. A heart attack occurs when the flow of blood is blocked and stops the heart from functioning. Let’s take a look at some of the basic signs of a heart attack.

1.Chest discomfort

The person experiencing heart attack would have stinging pain, tightness or pressure in their chest. Few tend to ignore the pain mistaking it for a muscle cramp or gastritis but a heart attack may feel extremely heavy on their chest in contrast to the former.

2.Pain that spreads to the arm

The pain in the chest is extended to the arm particularly on the left side. The person may feel pain and discomfort over his left shoulder but this too has been known to be mistaken as gastritis. Make sure the affected person is calm and resting while you call for help.
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3.Irregular heart beat

The affected person may experience raising heartbeats or irregular heartbeats. Heart beats faster when the person is anxious, excited or involved in a physical activity but an irregular heartbeat occurs at no specific time. This is the sign to get medical help immediately. The best pharma manufacturing company in India has developed various drugs to keep the heart beat steady and constant.


Sudden cold sweats can’t be the only sign but it adds up along with the other symptoms. In a few cases, the patient might face nausea and indigestion. Make sure the person is in a calm environment and is not prone to an anxious and stressful environment.


Fatigue after doing something which they usually with ease is another gradual sign. Climbing staircase or returning to parking lot from a supermarket will be a mountain climb. Even small physical activity will make them tired. A visit to the doctor figuring out the problem will help spotting it from a mile away to counter the problem.

6.Swollen feet

Slower flow of blood in the body may cause swollen feet and ankle. These parts would look unusually bloated. This again is an early onset of the problem and early diagnosis may help counter it.

7.Dizzy and lightheaded

The person may lose balance and feel faint for a moment but this could also occur because of hunger. If the person feels dizzy along with a chest ache more often, it is advised to get medical help.
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8.Prolonged cough

If a person experiences a prolonged cough which ends up in blood in the mucus is a sign of heart failure. This is another crucial sign and should be treated immediately.
A heart attack may cause unconsciousness and weakness. It is important that immediate medical help is called. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is important to keep the person alive until the right treatment is administered. Third party manufacturing pharmaceutical company in India have developed various means such as blood thinners and other drugs to aide blood flow through the heart. Heart attacks are serious but calm and immediate actions could save lives.